【HeightWeight】199.8cm men and women average weight and BMI.How much does it start with obesity? Skinny?

Young woman's feet on wooden floor and weight scale

Standard and appropriate weight for 199.9cm

The standard weight for a height of 199.8 cm is 87.8kg. Standard or proper weight is statistically considered to be the weight at which one is least likely to become ill.

※Common to both sexes
※BMI value 22
※Numerical value for adults

199.8cm normal weight

Normal weight for a height of 199.8 cm is between 87.8 kg and 99.8 Within this range, one can say that one is neither thin nor obese.

*Common for both sexes
*BMI between 18.5 and 25
*BMI value for adults

199.8 cm obese weight

image of obesity

Obese weight for height 199.8 cm is 99.8 kg or more.

*Common for both sexes
*BMI value of 25 or more
*BMI value for adults

199.8 cm low weight (skinny)

Skinny image

Low body weight (slender) for height 199.8cm is less than 73.9kg.

*Common for both sexes
*BMI values under 18.5
*BMI value for adults

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